For Service utilizing
the Sprint ® Network
For Service utilizing
the Verizon ® Network

"I have 2 phones with this program.The Sprint service has been exceptional and I saved over $50.00 a month from my previous program."

Karen H. – Louisville, KY

"I have the unlimited plan for phone, text and 50MB of Data. My monthly bill is only $39.99 a month on this plan."

Don M. – Evergreen Park, IL

"The Program saves me a lot of money and the backroom support is excellent. Any problems are handled quickly and efficiently."

Sarah B.– Los Angeles, CA

"Currently we have 3 plans with this program for my children. At $25.99, this plan includes 500 minutes of voice/500 text/10MB Data. I know my costs each month will be only $79.97 with enough service for each child."

Lee C. – Austin , TX
Exclusive Members Benefits!
We have negotiated this wireless program exclusively for our members and partners. The cost of each plan is an all-inclusive price. Through this program our members can easily cut their monthly wireless bills by up to 60% every month. See below:
  • Plans start as low as $19.99 per month
  • Unlimited Talk, Text, 50MB of Data ONLY $39.99 (Sprint ® network)
  • Unlimited Talk, Text, 50MB of Data ONLY $49.99 (Verizon ® network)
  • Port your existing number for ONLY $5(a one time fee)
  • No additional taxes or hidden fees
  • No contract to sign
  • No credit check
  • Pay as you go
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How it works? Easy as 1,2,3
  • Choose phone
  • You’ll receive the phone within a few days (48 to 72 hours)
  • Call toll free number to pick your plan and activate your phone
Take advantage of this great deal, the more members we have the better pricing we may be able to negotiate. Learn More

Coming Soon - MAWP service provided on the Verizon network


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